Welcome to my speaking engagements page! I’m passionate about sharing my insights and solutions as a technical writer. Below you’ll find a list of my past speaking engagements at conferences, meetups, and podcasts.

I am a seasoned technical writer with a deep commitment to the field. As a speaker, I bring my expertise to professional conferences, meetups, and podcasts. I believe in the power of knowledge sharing and strive to inspire and educate my audience.

Fear of Speaking

Past Conferences

SECR 2017, November 2017, St. Petersburg

  • Topic: Confluence and collaborative documentation - opportunities and pitfalls

Saint TeamLead Conf 2018, St. Petersburg

  • Topic: Competency matrix as a tool for team leads (with Konstantin Kaftan)

Rivelty 2020 Conference of Internal Communications and Corporate Portals, February 2020, Moscow

  • Topic: Knowledge Management for Internal Communications

Podlodka TL Crew 2020, September 2020, Online

  • Workshops: Knowledge Management in Minimalist and How to Write Clear Technical Texts

Write the docs Australia, December 2022, Online

  • Topic: Let’s bring science into technical writing

API The Docs Amsterdam 6-7 June, 2023

  • Topic: Using Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) to Document API — the Kotlin DSL story



Upcoming Talks

Stay tuned for my upcoming talks! More information will be added soon.

If you’re interested in collaboration or have any questions, feel free to contact me at svetlnovikova@gmail.com.