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Write the Docs 2023. Day 1 Notes

Here are my notes from the Day 1 at WTD Portland 2023. Ryan Young - Is it (layer) cake: Thinking in content levels They have their own framework for defining information architecture, which they use to make sure every user land on the type of content they need to solve their issue. He have used a perfect metaphor of information being a mall, and docs being like a map of the mall....

7 min · lananovikova

Docs as code against or with the Confluence?

Many of you, I suppose, tryied or are already actively using or looking at the model of storing and publishing documentation as code, which means applying all the same rules, tools, and procedures to documentation as to program code, such as storing in a repository, running tests, and building and releasing in CI/CD. This approach keeps the documentation up to date with the code, versioning, and tracking changes using familiar development tools....

9 min · Me

How to reveal and calculate the bus factor on a project

These days many project leads talk about the bus factor, the truck factor, or the brick factor, which is the number of developers, engineers on a project that can get hit by a bus/truck/brick, causing the project to stop. To put it even more simple it is a measure of the concentration of information about a system, a code a project. The most critical bus factor is 1. The term, of course, is not new; it appeared in business management back in 1998....

2 min · lananovikova